Our top 5 Wedding Tips!

1.Hire a ‘Day –of’ Coordinator, so you can enjoy your wedding day.  So you don’t receive phone calls on the morning of your wedding asking “Where are the lanterns?”, “Who is picking up so & so?”, “What time are the caterers arr

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Golf Club Maintenance Tips

Golf clubs are an investment that will return dividends for many years but not if they are stowed away and forgotten in between rounds.  Fortunately, taking care of golf clubs is not complicated: water; mild dish soap; a bucket; and an old toothbrus

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The Evolution Of The Golf Ball

Over the years, the humble golf ball has undergone several improvements and alterations. This infographic discusses the evolution of the golf ball, from the handcrafted Feather Ball, right through to the Haskell Ball and Today’s Standard. With each

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Fun facts about Golf you probably didn’t know

The youngest and oldest golfers ever to win the Masters Tournament are one in the same! In 1963, at age 23, Jack Nicklaus became the youngest golfer to win the Masters. In 1986 he became the tournament’s oldest winner when he won it for the six

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Five effective Golf Tips improve your game

The Mental Side of the Game Our attitude and how we think has a tremendous effect on how we play and score.  When playing a true championship Golf Course, one can benefit by setting realistic expectations and adhering to the following: Play the

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Dynamic Golf warm ups

If you warm up, you’ll play better golf As with any sport the warm up is crucially important to facilitate the best possible start to your golfing game. Many golfers either “don’t have time” to warm up correctly or they do it wrong and th

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10 Tips for choosing the perfect conference venue

  ACCESSIBILITY – When choosing your perfect conference venue you need to consider the accessibility of the site. Is it close to transport routes? Does it have sufficient parking for your attendees? Is it easily accessible from the airp

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