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Saturday Member Competition Conditions of Play

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Following the recent members survey and members meeting in October, the Club will begin trialling an extended Saturday Competition for all members who prefer to play outside the allocated morning member times, yet still wish to compete in the competition. Additional tee times will be reserved and made available for members in the early afternoon and will be made available in the normal Wednesday evening booking process.

The introduction of these afternoon times requires an understanding by members wishing to play in the times of the following conditions:

  1. Saturday reserved member times (morning and afternoon) are reserved for competition play. Members wishing to play non-competition golf are asked to play in available times outside these times
  2. Social play will follow Saturday morning reserved times, and as such those playing in the afternoon are aware that course conditioning will reflect that traffic and usage.
  3. Member participation for Saturday competition golf will adjust the reserved periods for morning and afternoon fields. As membership participation grows, the reserved times will be adjusted to accommodate the growth in each field.
  4. The complimentary breakfast will continue to be provided to the morning field only, and will cease with the last morning field tee time.
  5. Afternoon tee times may not be available when there are specific events that do not suit an extended tee off format. i.e. Shotgun event or Honour Board. Additional times will be made available in the morning field.
  6. Afternoon tee times may not be made available when there are outside events booked, times will still be guaranteed in the morning field.
  7. NTPs will now require measurements to be recorded on the NTP record sheet. As social play will be playing between the two fields, there will no longer be markers provided for the green. The NTP record sheet will be located at the side of the green.
  8. Pace of Play may become an issue for those playing behind social play in the afternoon. The Club staff will do their best to maintain pace of play however, social players have different golfing experience/skills and motivations for playing than those competing.
  9. Social play is a great gateway to membership and all members should support that everybody’s golfing experience is respected on the course.
  10. Saturday competition winner’s announcement will now be done via newspapers and the members portal. Competition play will be finalised when the last card in received prior to the shop closing.
  11. Members are asked to respect the tee sheet times they book and ensure they play those times to give every member the best playing experience. “No shows” or deferring booking times on the day to the later time is inappropriate etiquette to fellow members.
  12. Drink cart service will still be provided on a demand basis, and there is no guarantee that service will be extended to later in the day.  This service may be provided in the afternoon depending on demand.


This new competition format, is a trial arrangement so that we can ascertain whether this is both manageable for the operations team, and utilised by the membership.