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Rules and Regulations

North Lakes Resort Golf Club
Rules and Regulations
Version 1.2 – 1 July, 2012

These Rules and Regulations (these “Rules and Regulations”), in conjunction with the membership terms and conditions (the “Terms”) of North Lakes Resort Golf Club (the ‘Club’) are designed to protect the rights and privileges of Members of the Club and the enjoyment of the Club by Members and their guests. The obligation of enforcing these Rules and Regulations lies primarily with the management and staff whose principal responsibility is to assure Members of all the courtesies, comforts and services to which they are entitled. It is also the duty of the Members to know the Rules and Regulations and to co-operate with management and staff in the enforcement of these Rules and Regulations. The Club may at any time establish additional Rules and Regulations and may modify or rescind the existing Rules and Regulations set forth herein.

Hours/Days of Operation

The Club’s hours and days of operation will be established and published by the Club on a seasonal basis. The Club reserves the right to modify the hours and days of operation as it deems necessary from time to time.


Members are to conduct themselves in a manner which will not interfere with the enjoyment of the Club by other Members or guests. Anyone on Club premises acting in a disorderly, disruptive, or offensive manner will be asked to leave. Members are responsible for the conduct and dress of their family members and guests and will be held accountable for their actions. The Club’s management may take appropriate action for unbecoming behaviour and for behaviour which may result in the disturbance of or damage to property of the Club. Members guilty of conduct prejudicial to the welfare of the Club or other Members, or in violation of these Rules and Regulations, policies or the Terms and Conditions, may be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the Club’s management.

Dress Code

It is expected that Members will choose to dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the setting of the Club and will advise their guests accordingly. Dress throughout the Club is casual attire in good taste as displayed at the Clubhouse entrance. From time to time, exceptions to the dress Rules and Regulations may be made for certain special events.

Guest Privileges

All Members shall be entitled to limited guest privileges subject to any applicable guest fees and any additional guest policies established from time to time by the Club, such as the number of times a guest may use the Club’s golf facilities. Guests must be registered for all activities other than use of the dining facilities. As a general rule, guests must be accompanied by a Member. Under certain circumstances, the Club may approve unaccompanied guest usage and guest passes may be issued. Members are responsible for the conduct and dress of their guests as well as the charges incurred by their guests and any damage caused by their guests. Guests may use the same facilities the sponsoring Member is entitled to use. Guest privileges to any individual may be denied, withdrawn, or revoked at any time for reasons considered sufficient in the sole and absolute discretion of the Club. Persons who have been suspended or expelled from the Club are not entitled to guest privileges. Guests, whether playing or non-playing, acknowledge that the use of the Club’s facilities is at their own risk and they assume sole responsibility for personal injury, personal property and property damage, and that the Club, its officers, employees, representatives and agents shall not be held liable for any personal injury to any person while on the Club’s premises.


Members are directly responsible for the actions of their children and children of their guests. All minors under 18 years are to be under adult supervision at all times while on the premises.


The Club may adopt and publish policies from time to time relating to various Club matters. Some policies are incorporated into these Rules and Regulations, others are published on the Club website or posted on the Club bulletin board. Each Member has a duty to keep informed of and abide by Club policies as published.

Membership Cards

Each Member will be issued a membership card, which must be carried while on Club premises. Members shall not lend or give their membership cards to others for any reason. Violation may result in termination of membership in the Club. Loss of a membership card should be reported
immediately in writing to the Club. Until the Club receives notification of the loss or theft, the Member shall be responsible for any charges incurred in the Member’s name. A fee may be charged for replacement of membership cards.

Charge Privileges

A Member shall pay all money owing to the Club as and when it falls due. All goods (such as food and beverages and items from the golf shop) and services (such as golf car hire and green fees) must be paid for at the time that the goods or service is ordered, unless charging privileges have been extended formally to the Member. If required, each Member must furnish the Club with at least one valid commercial credit card number. The Member authorises the charging to its credit card or nominated bank account of all goods and services provided to or with the authority of any person in possession of the Member’s membership card (whether or not authorised by the Member). If the Member’s bank or credit card provider does not make the payment or subsequently requires the Club to credit back the payment, the Member will immediately make the payment for such goods or services directly to the Club. Presentation of the membership card is required for all purchases and activities at the Club and verification of identity may be requested. Should collection of money owed by a Member become necessary, the Member agrees to pay all reasonable costs of collection.

Members are required to provide the Club with bank account details and credit card renewal information annually or prior to the expiration date of the credit card furnished. Payments made by credit card will incur a processing fee. Fee charges may vary from time to time. Contact the Club for
current fees.

Late Charges

Money owing by a member will incur a late fee of the lesser of a) twenty dollars ($20) or, b) fifteen percent (15%) of the amount due, but in no event more than the maximum amount by law for each month the amount is due. In no event will the Club charge more than the maximum amount allowed
by law.

Parties/Special Functions

Certain facilities of the Club may be available for private parties or special functions and Club employees will be available to assist Members in planning events. The Club, in its sole discretion, may use certain Club facilities for private parties, weddings, and special functions and may conduct
outside tournaments on the golf course.

Mobile Telephones

The use of mobile telephones is discouraged on the golf course and in the Dining Rooms within the Clubhouse or any other area designated by the Club from time to time.

Alcoholic Beverages

The Club intends to comply with all applicable laws pertaining to the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. Violations may result in the loss of the Club’s liquor license. No alcoholic beverages shall be brought onto the Club’s premises. Instances on intoxication on the Club’s property may be forwarded to the Club’s General Manager for disciplinary action. Club employees may refuse service of alcoholic beverages to any individual they feel is intoxicated or on the verge of becoming intoxicated. Members should not attempt to leave the Club and operate a motor vehicle in an intoxicated condition.


No dogs or other pets, except for seeing eye dogs and other qualified handicap service dogs, are permitted on Club’s property (including the golf course) at any time, unless special policies or certain exceptions are adopted for the Club. Members are responsible for any damage caused by their pets.


Parking in the Club’s parking areas is undertaken at the driver’s own risk. The Club is not responsible for personal injury, property theft or damage. Bicycles, motorbikes and all terrain vehicles (or the like), including roller blades, are not permitted on the golf course, cart paths, or driving range at any time.

Prohibited Activities

The Club shall have the right and power to prohibit any games, sports, or other activities, which it may, in its sole determination, consider harmful to the interests of the general membership and/or the Club. Illegal activities are prohibited. Solicitation of Members, petitions and commercial advertisements posted or circulated on Club property are prohibited without prior approval of the Club. Use of the Club’s name, logo or stationery for any purpose is prohibited without prior approval from the Club.

Member List

A list of Members shall not be used for commercial or charitable purposes or given to any non-Member for any reason whatsoever.

Damage to Club Property

Members will be responsible, and may be subject to disciplinary action, for any of the Club’s property abused, removed, damaged, or destroyed by a Member, as well as for all property of the Club abused, removed, damaged, or destroyed by their guests.


Members and guests shall use the Club’s facilities at their own risk and shall assume sole responsibility for personal injury, personal property, and property damage. The Club, its officers, employees, representatives, and agents shall not be held liable for any personal injury to any person however caused while on the Club’s premises, nor for loss or damage to personal property, brought onto, used, or stored on the Club’s property, whether in lockers or elsewhere. This includes, but is not limited to, the negligence of the Club, its officers, employees, representatives and agents.

Reporting Injuries and Property Damage

Any injury to persons or damage to property shall be reported immediately to the General Manager or other responsible staff member. Personal injury or property damage caused by a golf ball is the sole responsibility of the golfer striking the errant ball.


Lockers are available for long term rental. Lockers are made available for the convenience of Members and their guests. Members and their guests specifically agree that the Club shall not be held responsible for any losses, damages or claims that may arise from Member’s use of the lockers. The lockers are not intended to prevent unauthorised entry. Management reserves the right to inspect all lockers periodically. Members and their guests assume all risk of theft, loss, or disappearance of items placed in the lockers.

Club Employees

Employees of the Club are to be treated in a courteous and considerate manner. No employee shall be reprimanded in any way by a Member or guest. Any complaints regarding service, behaviour, or inattention to duty by employees should be immediately brought to the attention of the General Manager or the manager on duty. Members may be requested to state the complaint in writing. The Club will take such disciplinary action as it deems necessary.


Member complaints/grievances concerning other Members or the Club or its facilities shall be held in the strictest confidence, made in writing, and submitted only to the General Manager who shall handle the complaint/grievance pursuant to the Terms and Conditions. The General Manager shall investigate the complaint/grievance and determine the action, if any, to be taken by the Club pursuant to the Terms and Conditions.


Firearms, fireworks, lethal weapons, and ammunition are not allowed in or around the Club’s property.

Club Lakes

No swimming, fishing, playing, or retrieving of golf balls shall be allowed in or around the Club’s lakes.


Smoking may be prohibited in certain areas in accordance with the laws of Queensland.

Supervision of Play

The Club’s employees, acting under the supervision of the General Manager, will have the responsibility for supervision and control of all matters relating to play on the golf course. Golf course privileges may be refused to anyone who, in the judgement of the golf professional or the General Manager, violates any of these Rules and Regulations, the Rules and Regulations of play, etiquette and/or dress code. Responsibility for such supervision may be delegated to pros, starters, marshals, or other individuals designated by the General Manager.

Golf Course Rules and Regulations

The Club reserves the right, from time to time, to establish Rules and Regulations governing access to the golf course. All Rules and Regulations shall be applied on a fair and equitable basis. Pride in the Club, together with the thoughtfulness and consideration we afford our fellow golfers, will make the enforcement of any Rules and Regulations unnecessary.

Rules and Regulations and Etiquette of Play

Members are required to familiarise themselves, their family and their guests with the Rules and Regulations and etiquette of golf, as contained in the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews Rules and Regulations of golf as endorsed by Golf Australia (“GA”), which shall apply at all times except when in conflict with any local Rules and Regulations or these Rules and Regulations. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews Rules and Regulations of Golf are available for review in the golf shop. Excessive noise, golf club throwing, or profanity will not be permitted.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes must be worn on the golf course. To minimise the risk of slipping or falling, be careful when walking in wet conditions or on hills or steep slopes, dead grass, bridges, platforms, steps and railroad ties, or on hard smooth surfaces or in golf cars.


The hours and days of operation for the golf course, golf shop and practice range will be set seasonally by the Club’s management and posted at the golf shop. Hours may need to be adjusted for weather, maintenance, and special events.


All Members and all guests must register in the golf shop at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to tee time, otherwise the golf shop may not be able to hold tee times for groups who appear after the registration cut off. A cart registration form is required as part of the registration process and must be completed and submitted each time a golfer plays.


All play must start on the No. 1 tee, unless directed to start elsewhere by the golf shop or the starter. “Cutting in” is not permitted at any time. Under no circumstances are players permitted to start play from residences adjacent to or bordering a golf course.

Tee Times

Tee times will be required each day the golf course is open for Member play and may be reserved through the golf shop or via the Club website. Starting times may be made by telephone during hours and on days as posted in the golf shop. Members will need to provide the names of players
in their group at the time of reservation.

Playing Groups

Members are encouraged to play in foursomes, however, there may be times when groups with less than four players may be filled with twosomes or singles. Single players and twosomes or threesomes may be permitted at the discretion of the golf shop. Smaller groups should not expect to play through foursomes and should not exert pressure on the groups ahead. Generally groups of more than four players are not permitted.


Please notify the golf shop of the cancellation of a tee time as early as possible. Cancellation should be at least one (1) hour before the scheduled tee time so that someone else may be able to use the tee time. Failure to timely cancel a tee time may result in a cancellation fee charged to the
Member’s account.

Pace of Play

All golfers are asked to maintain a reasonable pace and should play to complete the course within the time limits posted in the golf shop. If your group falls behind by one clear hole, please speed up or let the group behind you play through. All players who stop for any reason after playing nine (9) holes must occupy the next tee before the following players arrive at the tee or they will lose their position on the golf course. Golf etiquette recognises that players must keep up with the group in front.

Slow Play

Each player should do their part to make a round of golf at the Club a pleasant experience for everyone and slow play hinders that enjoyment.


Golf rangers or marshals may be on duty to help regulate play and enforce golf car regulations. They have full authority on the golf course and will enforce all Rules and Regulations and speed of play. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Members are to use the designated areas, driving range and practice putting greens. Under no circumstances are the regular tees, greens, or fairways to be used for practice. Range tokens are not to be removed from the premises.


Each player must have his or her own set of golf clubs and bag. Members are reminded that they are not to leave golf bags or personal belongings unattended on the Club’s property. The Club is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen property.


Children under the age of ten (14) are not allowed on the golf course, except when accompanied by an adult Member and with the express permission of the Club’s management.

Care of Course

To help maintain turf conditions, and as a courtesy to other players, all golfers are responsible for picking up tees, repairing their golf ball marks on the greens, filling divots made in the fairways and carefully raking sand traps after use. For players’ convenience, sand bottles or buckets are provided in the golf cars or at alternate tees.

Practice Range

The hours of the practice range will be posted in the golf shop. The practice range may be closed by the golf shop at any time to permit recovery of range balls or due to inclement weather or poor turf conditions. Range balls are for use on the practice range only and are not permitted on the golf course. Golf cars are not permitted on the tee area. Parking of golf cars is allowed in designated areas only. For safety reasons, range balls must be hit from designated areas only; no hitting is permitted from the rough or sides of the range. Irons only are permitted on the turfed area of the Practice Range. Drivers and hybrids are to be used on the mats provided in the practice nets located on the Practice Range.


Players are expected to exercise reasonable prudence and common sense when severe weather (e.g. thunder or lightning) is reported or observed in the area and are requested to leave the golf course and seek appropriate shelter. Players expressly assume all risk of injury while on the golf course due to lightning or other adverse weather. Players should not rely on the accuracy, reliability or adequacy of any storm systems implemented by the Club. The Club may suspend or cancel any tournament or scheduled play, if in the sole judgement of its management, weather conditions create a clear and present danger of personal injury or death.


Handicaps are computed under the supervision of the Club in accordance with the current Golf Australia handicap system. Members are responsible for the accurate posting of their scores following each round of golf. All scores are subject to review by the Club to determine any violations.

Junior Play

The Club wishes to encourage junior play, but reserves the right to establish additional policies relative to junior play, as it may deem necessary.

Unless golfing privileges have been granted to the junior golfer by the Club, junior golfers must play with an adult and should be at least ten (10) years old. Juniors are expected to follow the Rules and Regulations and etiquette of golf and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

Golf Cars and Trolleys

Members and guests must use the golf cars or trolleys available for hire at the Club or alternatively golf bags may be carried. In order to maintain the safety and integrity of the golf course private trolleys are not permitted, and private golf cars are permitted only with the express written authorisation of the Club.


Violation of any golf rule, including continued violation, may result in fines or suspension of golfing privileges or termination of membership.

Rules and Regulations for Operation of Golf Cars

The Club maintains a fleet of golf cars for use only on the course and practice areas while playing. Members are strictly responsible for their guests, their families, and their own safe operation of the golf cars so as not to interfere with fellow players’ enjoyment of the game, and at all times guard against injury to persons or damage to property, especially the playing surfaces of the golf course. The Club assumes no responsibility for accidents or damage caused by golf cars. Members shall be responsible for any damage, including misuse, to their assigned golf car or a golf car assigned to their guest(s) and damage to any equipment on the golf cars or damage to the Club’s property caused by themselves, their family or their guest(s) while operating a golf car. Reckless driving or violation of golf course Rules and Regulations may result in forfeiture or suspension of the privilege of golf car usage and the privilege of playing golf on the course. Operators must have a valid driver’s license and operate the golf car at their own risk. Operating instructions on each golf car should be read prior to usage. Golf car operators shall observe safe driving procedures at all times and must observe and obey signs, stakes, and other markers used to guide golf cars, and shall stay on golf car paths where they are provided, and without exception, on Par3 holes. No more than two players and two bags shall be permitted on any golf car. For the safety of infants and small children under the age of fourteen (14), they are not permitted to ride in any golf car, except when accompanied by an adult Member, and with the express permission of the Club. Please do not operate or park a golf car within nine (9) metres of any tee, green, bunker (or their shoulders), or beyond designated markers. Cars should not be parked on property owned by homeowners. Every effort should be made to avoid bare spots, wet or soft areas, and areas under repair. Never drive through a hazard. Golf cars must be returned to the staging area and any malfunctions and needed repairs reported to the golf shop. Private golf cars are not permitted, except with the express written authorisation of the Club.