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Ambassador Program


The purpose of the Membership Ambassador Program is to actively engage the existing membership body to assist new members with orientation and integration into the golf club and membership cohort. Ambassadors will help new members understand the Rules and Regulations of the Club and provide tips on the rules of golf and golf etiquette as expected at North Lakes. Ambassadors will also assist with the integration of the new member to the general member population. This role will include introducing the new member to existing members with similar personal, business and cultural interests.

Members join golf clubs for many reasons from playing the great game of golfing to making new friends and building and strengthening business relationships, just to name a few. North Lakes Resort Golf Club would like their members to be involved in enabling new members to take pride in belonging to their new Club.

Ambassadors are invited by the management of the Club to this voluntary position for a period of 6 months, which can be extended by mutual agreement of both parties.

Below are our current Club Ambassardors who have accepted an invitation to assist new members.

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F & Q

How do I become an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are invited to the position by the General Manager of the Club. Accepting the role of ambassador is at the discretion of the nominee.

How long am I an Ambassador?

6 Months for a maximum of 48 months.

How many Ambassadors are there?

The Club is seeking approximately 8 Ambassadors that have suitable availability to perform the role adequately. It is the intention of the program that the Ambassadors will be a varied group of members, with diversity in gender, age and interests.

What is expected of an Ambassador?

The Club will introduce the new member to the Ambassador that best fits the profile of the new members’ requirements. The Club requests the Ambassador to:

  • Actively seek out newly joined members to the Club and ensure they feel comfortable and are orientated to the Club and the greater membership;
  • Play golf and introduce new members to existing members with similar interests;
  • Assist the Club by showing new members correct golf etiquette, pace of play and course practices so that they may maintain the high quality of the course; and
  • Assist with enquiries such as member competitions, scoring, rules of golf, local course rules, golf link access, handicapping queries, honour board events and pennants.

The Club is available to assist with all these queries and will work in conjunction with the Ambassadors to ensure the new member obtains all information they require to maximise their membership experience at North Lakes. The Ambassador should also notify the General Manager should any concerns be raised by the new member. Ambassadors should be available to play during the week and on weekends. However this will form part of the selection process.

What support will I receive as an Ambassador?

Ambassadors will receive training assistance in the following areas prior to beginning the role:

  • Appropriate golf etiquette;
  • Appropriate cart golf etiquette;
  • Pace of play;
  • North Lakes course management practices – divot and pitch repair, bunker repair;
  • Local course rules; and
  • Any reasonable additional support the Ambassador believes they need to fulfil the role adequately and provide an exceptional experience to both the Ambassador and the new member.

What recognition does an Ambassador receive?

Being a Membership Ambassador allows you to maximise your own personal development, club experience and member satisfaction. Ambassadors are provided with a direct opportunity to extend social and business networks whilst obtaining a greater relationship with the broader membership. Members selected as Ambassadors will also be provided peer recognition in the monthly newsletter, member’s notice board and on the website in the member’s area.

As an Ambassador what do I do if new or existing members start asking me to forward ideas and comments to the Club?

It is important for all members to understand that Ambassadors are not a membership representative and therefore any complaints, comments, suggestions or grievances are to be directed to the General Manager of the Club. The Ambassador’s role is to assist new members integrate into the Club.