Five effective Golf Tips improve your game

The Mental Side of the Game

Our attitude and how we think has a tremendous effect on how we play and score.  When playing a true championship Golf Course, one can benefit by setting realistic expectations and adhering to the following:

  • Play the set of tees that best suits your ability
  • Commit to the shot. You will hit more good shots when you swing without hesitation
  • Visualize where you want to hit it, not where you want to avoid hitting it
  • Everyone is going to have a few bad shots or bad holes throughout the round. When that happens, let it go and just concentrate on hitting the next shot better.

By having a positive frame of mind you’ll play better golf and enjoy the game far more.  Chuck Dunbar


Sand Wedge

To many people think that a sand wedge is just for bunker shots.  The sand wedge should be used for sand shots as well as most pitch shots to the green.  The sand wedge whether a 54 degree or a 58 degree has a “bounce” on the sole of the club.  This is where the back trailing edge is lower than the front leading edge, but used properly or improperly, as the case may be, is a very forgiving design built into this specific club to help in a variety of lies and situations. Use it on your shot approaches instead of pitching wedge, you’ll be surprised.  Jay Perkins, PGA Professional



Putting as we know is so important, and to keep it simple, hold your follow through until the ball stops rolling and check the club face.  It should be facing the target.  Ben Alexander


Pitch Shots

The forty yard shot or closer is tough for many players.  There are even players that will lay-up to a distance where they will have a full shot.  Make a short enough backswing to have room for a follow through.  Take rehearsal swings so you have a good feel of the power you need, and you’ll likely succeed.  John K Abendroth


Flare your lead foot

So many golfers have tight hips that don’t allow them to rotate enough through the shot.  If you flair your lead foot around 15 – 20 degrees it will “open-up” your hip socket and that will greatly help you to rotate around it.  John Fiander